New Use for Old Navasota House

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NAVASOTA, Texas After thousands of dollars worth of renovations, the old Horlock House in Navasota is getting some new use.

Together with the Arts Council of Brazos Valley, the home off Highway 105 has been turned into an artist residency. Three artists from around Texas have moved in, and for the next several months, it will be a place for them to live and work.

"Just kind of figuring out what it is I want to focus on in this residency," said resident artist Michael Villarreal.

The artists will be creating original works of art from their upstairs rooms. Those pieces will eventually be on display in a downstairs gallery. Every piece will be for sale, and 30 percent of the money goes back to the Arts Council for art programs in and around Navasota.

"Programs like this help to bring in more people to experience this community," said resident artist Gregory Darby.

Darby said he was excited when he found out he was chosen for the program.

"It was really a big emotional boost at the time," said Darby. "I realized, for a brief period at least, I could put my day job aside and go about the creative process."

Resident artist Owen Drysdale said he's excited to get to work.

"The opportunity for me to get time to do my work, and the focus that I can have here," said Drysdale.

Villarreal said they're thankful for the opportunity. Not just for the money, but for the chance to grow as an artist.

"It's nice to have this time to evolve. To really push our work in a direction we feel it needs to go," said Villarreal.

Works from the artists should be ready for display by early March. For more information on the Horlock House and the Artist Residency Program, click on the link added to this story.