"On the Road" in Burleson County

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The Yegua Center in Somerville was built back in the 1930's. And luckily has been kept up so well that it still serves as a meeting place for the community to gather. But this building would not be here if it were not for the WPA, which provided the jobs to build it.
Memories were built since that time, making this center a special place in the hearts of residents.

Many who are headed to Lake Somerville have to drive thru the one-stop light town first.
what you may not know- is the city's rich history dating back to the 1930's.

Don Strickland says so many people during the depression who had trouble finding jobs, the WPA stepped in and gave people jobs who didn't have jobs.

The WPA was the largest and most ambitious American New Deal program, employing millions of unemployed people to carry out public works projects,[1] including the construction of public buildings and roads.

For Somerville, that meant the construction of the Yegua Center and the Football stadium back in 1939, both are still used today.

Fran Maler says many love this place, and it may not mean anything to anyone else in Texas but to Somerville it's very important.

Don Strickland agrees, "It's special to all of us, it's been in use since that time, many public meetings, and opportunities for people to come out and see this."

Mr Strickland is a figure in the community himself but says the Yegua center has provided a place for kids to play basketball and for the city to host meetings, among many other things.

He says, "It is such a historical marker for us, didn't even want to think of tearing it down because its such a wonderful wonderful facility."

The other favorite facility that is dear to everyone and has stood the test of time is the Football field.

Charles Camarillo with the Somerville School District says people come to play at the rock, they call it the rock, it's unique, people and teams that come here for the first time comment on how unique it is.

Unique in the fact, that the Rocks that form the border around the stadium and the beautiful natural green grass, which you don't see much these days.

Camarillo says, "It's probably one of a kind, you don't find these anymore, back when times were tough and people persevered, a lot of memories are tied to this place for the folks that remember."

Many memories made on the field and in the stands and in the Yegua center. Memories that ties this community together and keeps the bonds as strong as the buildings they were built on.

Other Stories we covered while in Burleson County:

The Burleson County Courthouse sits in the heart of Caldwell.
And before you walk inside, you'll notice a large momument
honoring the men and women who have died defending our country.
Burleson County Judge Mike Sutherland says Caldwell
lost a lot of men in World War Two...and therefore wanted to make sure those soldiers were not forgotten.

Tinka Murray -a museum volunteer says the community wanted to honor the service men and women of their community
and came up with the idea for families to honor their loved ones by placing the name of their loved ones on a brick to create this special area.
The names of those service men and women from the Somerville area who lost their life while fighting for their country is displayed on the standing monument for everyone to remember the sacrifices paid for our freedom.

A historical marker bearing the name of Thomas Gary a former Somerville I-S-D student is located at Somerville Middle School.
Gary joined the Navy on September 30th, 1941 and was stationed aboard the U-S-S California.
When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941, Gary died at sea, but not before rescuing numerous sailors.
During the raid, a torpedo and bombs struck the California causing extensive fires and flooding.
Gary entered burning compartments and saved numerous lives.
Posthumously, Gary was commended by the Secretary of the Navy for his courage and later a destroyer named after him went around the world about 30 times before being decommissioned.

And if your looking for the best Kolache's in Burleson county...
Then you have to stop in the Kolache Capital Bake Shop...
The bakers get their bright and early every morning and follow an Age old receipe passed down from the original owners.
Even though Mario Saragosa recently took over the bakery, he says they haven't changed anything but started accepting debit and credit cards. But he believes in making everything from scratch and homemade.