More Than 60 Cats Taken From Brazos County Home

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*Updated* It's a disturbing picture: more than 60 cats found living under one roof and the home filled with animal waste.

Tuesday, the Brazos County Sheriff's Office moved in to seize those animals near Elmo Weedon Road, east of College Station.

Those deputies had to use protective clothing inside the house. The tenant gave up the cats voluntarily. Now, authorities and neighbors are grappling with this discovery.

A Brazos County Sheriff's Office truck pulled onto the Grassbur Road home pulling a livestock trailer.

That trailer is normally used to move livestock, but on Tuesday, it was the biggest thing they had to more than 60 cats and several dogs

The tenants appeared to be over their heads.

"We're concerned about the health and well-being of the animals and the people that live here are voluntarily giving us the animals," said Mike Wilson, Chief Deputy Sheriff of Brazos County.

Neighbors say they knew about the animals, but were still stunned.

"I had no idea that they had that many cats inside that house," said Bill Latham. He lives just down the street from the house.

Cage after cage, each animal was photographed and logged, then loaded into the trailer.

But the scene outside the house was nothing compared to inside -- cats everywhere the eye can see.

In video sent to KBTX, you see cats crowded inside the small home, some that need medical attention.

Cats cover the beds, tables and nearly everything else. It's a home covered in filth -- trash, feces and dead insects. It's not just a health hazard to the pets.

"For the protection of our personnel, they are wearing haz-mat suits," said Wilson.

"You could definitely get a distinct cat urine smell to it and you know, several people have complained," added Latham.

Deputies and animal control officers use every caution when dealing with the animals, many times putting on heavy gloves to prevent from being scratched. Neighbors say that cases of rabies have been reported in the area.

"It's really sad to know that something that close to your house goes on," said Latham. "It's real shocking."

Now, neighbors are coming to terms with a sad reality.

Latham said, "Sometimes people can love pets too much."

Because the owners voluntarily gave up the animals, no charges are being filed.

The animals were taken to the Brazos animal shelter for proper care and diagnosis.