Overcast Skies Seen As A Hidden Danger To Unprotected Skin

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College Station With temperatures in the 90s and hitting triple digits, it's been easy to get some sun in the Texas summer. While laying out poolside can be relaxing, it can also be extremely dangerous.

Staying away from the pool can be difficult for some. "I'd say three or four times a week I come out to the pool and lay out," said resident, Emily Herren. But are they protecting their skin properly?

"If you are out at the pool for two or three hours on a partly cloudy day, it's a lot of UV exposure and you can get sunburn and get high exposure rates," said Dr. Aaron Buzzard with St. Joseph Regional Health Center.

Although many enjoy the cool breeze with over cast skies, Dr. Buzzard says it's these conditions that can make tanning extremely dangerous. "You are laying out in a cloudy environment and you don't feel as hot," Dr. Buzzard said.

Dozens of students at an apartment complex in College Station say they aren't wearing a high enough level to protect themselves from harmful ultraviolet rays. UV rays are a form of light that causes damage to skin cells. Too much of it can lead to cancer.

"I'm just your typical teenager, not really worrying about it right now, but its definitely scary," Herren said.

Doctors recommend wearing at least an SPF 30 to be safe and re-apply every few hours. They also say to avoid going outside between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. because that is the time of day when the UV rays are the strongest.