Owner of Rose Home Arrested Again

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More legal trouble faces the owner of the Rose Home assisted living operations in Bryan.

Rose Rodriguez was arrested again Wednesday night by Bryan Police. A patrolman pulled her over for driving 51 miles per hour in a 40 mph zone. She is accused of giving the officer her daughter’s name, being caught driving with her license suspended and having no insurance. Rodriguez was taken to jail but was released after posting bond.

Then earlier this week neither Rose Rodriguez or her husband appeared in Brazos County District Court for a hearing related to the civil lawsuit filed by survivors of a patient who died in December 2009.

Due to their absence, the family who sued was awarded damages totaling $750,000 dollars. Actual damages amounted to $250,000 dollars. Another $500,000 thousand was awarded in exemplary damages because the Rodriguez’s acted willfully, wantonly, and with gross negligence in the care of the patient.

Allegations stemming from the civil lawsuit led to the Bryan woman being arrested last week for aggravated perjury, fabricating evidence, and felony theft.