Owners Fear Neighborhood Safety After Family Pet Mauled

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A Bryan family is worried about the safety of their 1 year old grandson after their family cat was killed by a neighborhood pit bull and boxer.

According to the family, this isn't the first time an animal has been mauled to death in their neighborhood.

One year old Logan loves to play in his grandmother's front yard, but it's something Shelli Peevey doesn't feel safe allowing this little guy to do anymore.

“He never ventured off our property because he was old,” said Peevey who is talking about her cat, Gary.

She says he was mauled to death by a neighbor's pit bull and boxer last week.

“We've had that cat for over 12 years, and he was part of our family. He probably thought the dogs were playing with him because we have dogs and they play with him. He just didn't have a chance,” Peevey said.

Police say animal control came out and gave the neighbors, who own the dogs, a warning for not confining their pets. Peevey also got a warning for having an unrestrained animal.

The city of Bryan enforces a leash law which means dogs or cats have to be on a leash if they are in the front yard. Gary, the cat, didn't have a leash so he was considered an animal at large.

“It bothers me that something worse is going to have to happen for something to be done,” said Peevey.

Police say they can't press any charges because they didn't witness the incident.