PD: Man Tries to Hide Drugs from Police by Stuffing Them in His Mouth, Later Arrested

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COLLEGE STATION - What started as a routine traffic stop in College Station last night ended with a Bryan man behind bars.

The College Station Police Department say they pulled over 26-year-old Christopher Young, Jr. in the 2400 block of Harvey Mitchell Parkway. When the officer approached the car, he says he smelled marijuana coming from inside the vehicle and also saw bits of it on the driver's shirt. As Young got out of his car, the officer noticed that Young had shoved the marijuana in his mouth trying to hide it.

After searching the vehicle, police discovered several small baggies of marijuana as well as a baggie of Alprazolam, an anxiety drug, hidden behind the glove box. Police also found a large amount of cash and other drug paraphernalia. Officials say this evidence led them to believe that Young had the intent to sell or distribute illegal drugs.

Young was arrested and charged with Manufacture/Delivery of a Controlled Substance, Tampering with or Fabricating Physical Evidence and Possession of Marijuana.