Paramedics Come To Rescue After Facebook Update

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ROBERTSON COUNTY- Some of us would probably admit we spend too much time on social media sites - like Facebook. But a Robertson County man said he's alive today, and able to spend too much time on Facebook, because of Facebook.

Paul Munsel, who most people know as Hippie, doesn't take life for granted. A few weeks after surviving a heart attack and having a stent put in, he still wasn't feeling well.

"I was a little frustrated because I would get short winded just with simple activities and I've never had that problem before," he said.

Instead of going to the doctor, Hippie voiced that frustration on Facebook.

"The status I typed this morning was, 'Still a bit frustrated after the heart attack. I am short winded at times and didn't have this before. I will rest a bit. I just feel it is the humidiity,'" Hippie said.

What happened next was a surprise.

"An ambulance showed up and the supervisor and I had like four people here to check me over," he said.

It turns out, Hippie is Facebook friends with the right people. A Robertson County EMS Paramedic who has known Hippie for years just happened to stumble upon the status. Rene Ferrell was worried it was more heart trouble.

"Time is always important when it comes to the heart and heart health and so I figured it was something we needed to address immediately," Ferrell said.

Luckily, Hippie wasn't having another heart attack, but he said it was nice to know that the EMS doesn't take chances when it comes to your health.

"Thank you, that's the big thing," Hippie said. "I am proud of every one of them and I really appreciate it."

Next time, Hippie said he will call 9-1-1 and then post his status to Facebook. Robertson County EMS also said the best idea during an emergency is to call 9-1-1 before you do anything else.