Parents Speak Out after Mold Found at Caldwell Elementary

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CALDWELL, Texas Parents are speaking out about Caldwell ISD's decision to relocate students after mold was found in classrooms.

On Monday, March 31 and Tuesday April 1, the school will be closed to allow teachers and staff time to prepare to move. On Wednesday, students from the elementary school will be taken by bus to four different locations.

School officials said teachers noticed some children were having frequent headaches and unexplained rashes. Tests for mold inside the school recently came back positive, and since then, school officials have been trying to nail down the source of the problem.

"We've had our HVAC system checked, we cleaned the ducts, and began an elimination process of how to find this," said Caldwell ISD Superintendent Dr. Janet Cummings.

On Tuesday, Cummings held a public meeting with parents to talk about the problem. The next day, students were given a letter addressing the problem and where the children would be taken to.

According to the letter, school officials decided to relocate students as a precautionary measure, and to allow crews time to continue investigating the building.

Parents who spoke with News 3 seemed to be taking the news in stride.

"It's just mold, it's non toxic," said Gina Sodalak. "I think they're taking things a little too far."

"I trust that Caldwell ISD is going to do the best thing for our kids, and find good places for them," said Harry Bowers.

"I think they're doing everything they can," said Katie Jones. "I don't think they can help it. They love our kids, and we're appreciative of what they're doing."

Cummings said there is no indication the mold is the toxic black mold.

Starting Wednesday, parents are asked to drop off their children as normal at Caldwell Elementary. From there, pre-kinder children will be housed at First Baptist Church of Caldwell, kindergarten children will be housed at First United Methodist Church, first grade students will be housed at St. Mary's Catholic Church of Caldwell, and second grade students will be housed at Elizabeth Lutheran Church of Caldwell.

So far, no word on how long the school will be shut down.