Patients Choosing to Wait for Scott & White Hospital to Open

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COLLEGE STATION Over two years in planning and building, now the Scott & White Hospital off Rock Prairie is open. The first patient checked in just after 5 o'clock Monday morning.

For residents in the Brazos Valley, this means another choice in healthcare.

Belva Field, of Bryan, just had her hip replaced.

"I feel wonderful, thank you," she laughed. She's glad the surgery is behind her. The 77-year-old planned her surgery for the opening day at Scott and White in College Station. It's her second hip replacement. Both of them done by the same doctor.

"The technology is wonderful, but that's just a tool. It's really the people. I wanted to wait for them," said Field.

Wait she did, since January, when she learned she would need the surgery. Hip replacement on opening day didn't seem to phase her doctor.

"It's good to start off with something like that," laughed Dr. Thomas O'Shea.

"Gets everyone relaxed," he continued.

Calm and collected on the outside. Scott and White going so far as to set up a command center to oversee patient care and hospital operations. Patients will see a staff that has been working hard on being prepared.

The hustle and bustle at the new Scott & White hospital is filled with excitement as nurses get ready to accept some of their first patients. A majority of the rooms are not filled not, but the nurses know that that'll all change.

"People come here because they have a need," said Scott & White Healthcare College Station CEO Jason Jennings.

"We're here to try and help with that need and just get them back to doing what they like to do," he continued.

For Field, focusing on recovery is her immediate goal.

"Going home on Thursday and in couple of weeks, maybe three, I can drive again," she laughed.

When asked if she's looking forward to getting back behind the wheel, she said being mobile was the main goal.

More than 200 hundred doctors have been credentialed at the hospital. 100 surgeries are scheduled over the next two weeks for the hospital.