Patriot Guard Riders Honor One of Their Own Killed in Crash

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Dozens of Patriot Guard Riders honored one of their own today with a funeral procession in College Station.

Sue Powell, 60, was killed on June 13th in a motorcycle crash while in a procession for a fallen solider.

You see Patriot Guard riders leading processions for fallen soldiers or emergency responders, but rarely one of their own.

Powell was killed back on June 13th on Interstate 45 in Conroe. She and her husband were thrown from their motorcycle after they crashed into the back of a pickup.
Her husband was seriously injured. She was killed.

Hundreds of people attended her funeral services at Holy Cross Lutheran Church.

A procession of fellow Patriot Guard members escorted Powell's body to Steephollow Cemetery in Bryan.

"We are there when our brothers and sisters fall and we are there for the families. This is a family event as well,” said Randal Allison, with the Patriot Guard Riders.

Not all of the 35 riders taking part in the procession knew Powell for a long time.

"Sue Powell, I had just met her the day before she passed away,” said Marcus Leinhart, another Patriot Guard Rider. “I had a nice 45 minute conversation with her. She was very nice. I might lose it here. It was tough finding out the next morning she had passed away."

"It's a very unfortunate tragedy, but if something like this were to happen I guess it's much better when you are doing something that you love,” said Allison.

Powell's husband, Marion, was recently released from the hospital.