Paul Ryan Addresses BCS Chamber Delegates On Budget

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Delegates with the Bryan-College Station Chamber of Commerce got the opportunity to speak candidly to members of Congress about some of the struggles small business owners face.

Now they are taking the community's issues, and presenting them to our nation's leaders inside the capitol. One of the hot topic items brought up at every meeting was the fate of small businesses in a struggling economy.

Abbie Krolczyk is the owner of KESCO, a restaurant supply store in Bryan. She works very closely with the restaurants in town and has seen first hand how small businesses are struggling to balance their budget against the new tax laws and regulations.

"We've gotten more creative with how we buy," Krolczyk said.

Now she is trying to control her inventory to save additional cost and make what little profit she can.

"We really cant afford to be in debt," Krolczyk said. "We have to keep running our business as smart as we can and try to be as profitable as we can. "

With increased taxes to pay and a threat of more cost in the coming months, she's protecting her payroll to keep a balanced budget.

"We don't have a choice of going into debt like the government does," Krolczyk said. "We don't have that liberty. We have to maintain.We really don't know what it's going to be like in the future, and we are trying to hang on to whatever money that we have."

The Bryan-College Station Chamber of Commerce delegates spent the day asking members of Congress how to improve the commerce of small businesses like Abbie's.

"We've got a great community with a lot of promise and I hope we can continue to do that for all of our communities across the board so all of Bryan-College Station can grow," Chamber delegate Daniel Hernandez said.

U.S. Representative Sam Graves from Missouri is the Chairman of the Small Business Committee.

"If small businesses aren't moving forth, they aren't growing," Graves said.

He said small businesses employ seven out of every 10 jobs in this country, and if they aren't growing, it presents even more problems for business owners like Abbie.

Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan said they are working on lowering tax rates to promote economic growth and are going to be working on a tax reform this summer. The Chairman said Congress doesn't want to discriminate against small businesses and that they will exhaust themselves to get a budget agreement.

They met with 14 members of Congress, including House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and House Minority Whip, Kevin McCarthy.