Pearlie Golden Laid to Rest

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HEARNE - On a sunny Saturday afternoon...dozens file into the Old Elam Baptist Church in Hearne.

Pearlie Golden's loved ones, paying their respects and celebrate her life.

Many words have been spoken about the events surrounding Pearlie Golden's death, but on her final day above ground, words of support and guidance dominate.

"She's definitely going to be missed in the community," said Cedric Chappel, a neighbor of Golden's.

Cedric Chappel grew up next door to Golden. He remembers her fondly with stories.

"She had lots of chickens, so we were always down at her house antagonizing her chickens and you know she was always getting after us you know always walking down the street picking up cans. She's a very very positive person in the community," Chappel said.

Still, a very difficult time for the family.

"Well I think they're trying to put this tragic incident behind them," said Victor Bonner, the family's attorney.

Golden, you might remember, was shot and killed by officer Stephen Stem on May 6th. Her nephew called police to her home after the two were in an argument over Golden's car keys. Officer Stem was later fired by the city council after a unanimous vote.

"We need to get a good handle on exactly what happened. There's a lot of speculation, there's a lot of allegations. And needless to say, I wasn't there, neither were any of my clients but we look forward to continuing our investigation; hopefully we'll get to the bottom of what happened," Bonner said.

Unanswered questions going forward, but peaceful rest, nonetheless.