Pepe’s Armed Robbery Suspect identified

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BRYAN, Texas Bryan Police have issued an arrest warrant for the man they say is responsible for a bold robbery at Pepe's Mexican Café.

26-year-old Brandon Wayne Moore is wanted for the crime that happened back on the night of December 19th.

Moore is from Bryan and has been arrested in the past for crimes including aggravated assault, theft and burglary of a vehicle.

News 3 talked with two customers about the terrifying moments when that robbery happened.

A normal night out at dinner quickly became a living nightmare.

"I just started hearing you know screaming get on the ground get on the ground, get on the ground!, recalled Denise Smotek.

Huntsville couple Denise and Edward Smotek and his mom were all at Pepe's Mexican Café for dinner December 19th when Bryan Police say 26-year-old Brandon Wayne Moore waved a gun and robbed a cashier.

Edward Smotek and his mom are the ones we see blurred out in the video.

"I grabbed my mother and started backing up and that's when he turned around and pointed it at me," said Edward Smotek.

"That's definitely him," said Denise Smotek.

They say he pushed Edward's mother and terrified the nearly 20 people inside the restaurant including at least seven to eight kids.

"I heard one little girl saying, 'Mommy are we going to die?' It was just really, really frightening and once we got to the back of the store we had no way to get out. The gate was locked and we were just stuck there," sad Denise Smotek.

The entire thing happened in 23 seconds.

"He was waving that gun around and my husband said, 'I know it's loaded because I saw the bullets in the gun. He had a revolver,'" said Denise Smotek.

The couple has been back to Pepe's to eat since the robbery but not at night.

No shots were fired and fortunately no one was injured in that robbery.

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Police have identified a suspect in the Pepe’s armed robbery. Now they need your help to find him.

A black male, armed with a gun, walked into the restaurant on S. College in Bryan at 7:45 p.m. on December 19. He stuck a gun in the cashier’s face and told them to open the register. He then reached over the counter, stuck his hand in the drawer, grabbed a fist full of cash and took off.

There were about 10 customers inside the restaurant at the time.

The crime was caught on camera. Police say Brandon Wayne Moore, 26, is the man armed man seen on the surveillance video.

Police have issued a warrant for Moore's arrest. If anyone knows where to find Moore, you’re asked to call Bryan Police Dispatch at 979-361-3888 or Crime Stoppers at 979-775-TIPS.