Perry's Decision to Transform Texas Politics

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Gov. Rick Perry is planning a big announcement Monday and no matter what he decides, it will transform Texas politics.

If the state's longest-serving governor chooses to retire, then at least six out of nine elected executive offices will change hands. Texans will replace the governor, attorney general, comptroller and commissioners for land, agriculture and railroads. They'll also get a chance to choose another lieutenant governor, with three men running to replace David Dewhurst.

If Perry chooses to run again, Republican politicians will have to do some soul-searching. Many of the candidates have waited years for a chance to move up, and if Perry seeks re-election, they'll have to decide whether their personal aspirations should take a back seat to party unity.

Perry plans to make the announcement about his future political plans today at 1 p.m. in San Antonio. will stream live video of the event at: