House Fire Destroys Home in Grimes County, Kills Several Pets

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Volunteer firefighters were on the scene this morning as a house fire sparked up for the third time.

The home went up in flames Thursday night and continued to burn Friday.

The family is devastated about the loss.

"It's gonna take a long time to heal. And you know we found a cat today. We found one of our cats, there's a possibility that one dogs escaped and we're gonna be looking for her, but it hurts it is like losing children for us," said Kristina Saucedo.

Three dogs and one cat were killed. But the chickens and horses survived.

Kristina Saucedo lived in the house with her husband and brother. It was the first house that they owned.

The family believes the fire was started by an electrical spark.

"When I got the phone call you immediately think of the house and the things and your pets, but I was really worried that my brother would not make it out," said Saucedo.

Saucedo says even though she's faced hard times before, she doesn't want to look back.

"All we can do is keep moving forward, if you sit down and cry and give up then you're never gonna get anywhere," said Saucedo.

The family is hopeful because they are building a new house.

They will have to start all over again, but they believe being alive is a true gift.

If you'd like to help this family, donations are being collected at the Bedais Fire Department.

22248 FM Rd. 1696
Bedais, TX77831
(936) 395-2222