Philippines Police Say Order Restored, But Mayor Urges Residents to Flee

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TACLOBAN, Philippines (AP) Police say they've restored order in the Philippine city that was nearly wiped out by last week's typhoon.

But the city's mayor is quoted as calling on residents to flee the city, saying local authorities were having trouble providing food and water and maintaining order.

According to The New York Times, the mayor said the city desperately needs trucks to distribute relief shipments that have been accumulating at the airport. He says there's also a need for equipment to remove decaying corpses from the rubble.

A massive international aid effort is starting to take shape, but not quickly enough for the 600,000 people who've been displaced -- many of them homeless, hungry and thirsty.

With the airport battered and roads made impassable by debris, very little aid has arrived in Tacloban. Most of it is stuck in Manila and in Cebu (SAY'-boo), a 45-minute flight away.

The official death toll is up to 2,344, but it's expected to rise.