Phone Records Used to Connect Bryan Man to A&M Bomb Threat

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A Bryan resident has been arrested in connection with the recent bomb threat at Texas A&M.

A&M Police say 22-year-old Dereon Kelly sent a threatening email to the university prompting the evacuation of more than 50,000 people from campus.

In a probable cause statement, police say the Texas A&M say Texas A&M University Computing Services Center received an email at 11:00 AM on Oct. 19 that read, “Campus will be bombed at twelve this afternoon.”

Investigators discovered the threatening email was sent from a Yahoo! email address using a Verizon cell phone. Yahoo! told police the email account belonged to Brittany Henderson, with the woman arrested for the Texas State bomb threat on Oct. 18.

Verizon listed Dereon Kelly as the account holder.

Sources tell News 3 Kelly and Henderson are either currently in a relationship or used to be in one.

“We were able to determine through the investigation that Mr. Kelly was responsible for sending the email to the Computing and Information Services Department, which was the bomb threat,” said Lt. Allan Baron, Texas A&M Police Deparment.

Verizon phone records reveal that Kelly texted Brittany Henderson the day before the bomb threat saying "I logged into your email."

Brittany Henderson is still a person of interest in the A&M threat, according to UPD.

Texas A&M Police worked with several agencies, including the FBI, during the investigation. Investigators are still trying to figure out the motive for the threat.

Dereon Kelly was charged Monday, but has been in the Brazos County jail since just after 6:30 p.m. on October 19 on warrants out of Dallas County, including one for fraud.

Kelly’s bond was set at $150,000. If convicted of the charge of making a terroristic threat, Kelly could receive up to ten years in prison and be fined up to $10,000. It is a third-degree felony.