Phone Scam Sweeps Through Brazos Valley

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BRYAN, Texas Officials with the Better Business Bureau say automated phone calls claiming to be from Prosperity Bank asking for personal information are a scam.

The scam involves an automated call that says your Prosperity Bank credit card has been locked, and you'll need to dial "1" to have it unlocked. It then asks you to enter your 16-digit card number.

Bill McGuire with the Better Business Bureau Brazos Valley said people started calling him about the scam Wednesday morning. He said he's received calls from He said he thinks the calls may be limited to the Brazos Valley.

Since the calls began, McGuire said the scammers have taken things to a level he's never seen before.

"Usually, it's just a robo call to a cell or landline phone. Here, we're seeing it go to cell phones, landline phones and people are getting text messages," said McGee. "In my four years of being with the BBB, we've seen something like this."

McGuire said banks will never call to ask for that type of personal information.

"It doesn't really matter whether they're saying Prosperity Bank or another bank. You can call your bank and verify that this isn't really from them," said McGurire.

McGuire said the best thing to do if you get a scam call is to hang up. If you want to confirm the phone call was a scam, call the customer service number on the back of your card.

Prosperity Bank declined to comment on camera, but said on their website "Prosperity Bank has been informed that several of our customers have received what appear to be automated phone calls/texts, telling them that their Prosperity Bank ATM/Debit cards are Locked. This is a telephone phishing scam."

Bank officials said to contact your banking institution immediately if you received a call and provided any personal information.

For the complete Prosperity Bank statement, click on the link added to this story.