Phone Scam Targets Senior Citizens

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BRYAN, Texas A phone scam targeting senior citizens for cash has made its way to the Bryan-College Station area. Now police are sending out a warning to residents to be on their guard.

The scam, dubbed the Grandparents Scam, targets senior citizens. Investigators said the caller will claim to be the potential victim's grandchild.

"They call them grandma on the phone, hoping that person will give up the grandson or granddaughter's name," said Kelley McKethan with the Bryan Police Department.

McKethan said the caller will then say he or she is in jail, or in trouble at the U.S. Embassy, and needs cash to get out.

Sarah Smith lives in Bryan, and said she got a similar call recently.

"The caller said, hello grandma," said Smith.

Smith said the caller claimed to be her grandson and needed cash to get out of jail, but Smith proved to be one step ahead.

"I said, before I help you, I need you to tell me something about yourself so I'll know it's really you," said Smith.

McKethan said Smith did the right thing by asking questions instead of just hanging up. Even though calls like that one are likely a scam, there's always the chance it could be true.

"That's why you always ask them for the information," said McKethan. "Ask them for their name. Ask them for their spouse's name, for their parent's name, ask them their personal information."

Smith said she's glad she asked the right questions, but wants to get the message out to others before someone falls victim.

Police said it's difficult to prosecute these type of cases, but encourage anyone who may have had contact with the scammers to give them a call.