Plants Need Extra Protection As First Freeze Nears

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BRYAN / COLLEGE STATION, Texas As temperatures tumble there are some things you may want to do before this first freeze.

The biggest concern Tuesday night really is for outdoor plants.

It's not expected to be a hard freeze but you do want to take time to bring some of your patio plants in if you can.

At risk outdoor plants can be covered with a sheet and faucets with a cover.

Just some small steps for this first cold blast.

The wind has been howling all day around Bryan / College Station with the first freeze coming fast.

Dr. Bill Welch walked us around his garden in College Station and says most of your plants should be ok, but you should still prepare.

"The wind that comes with these cold spells it desecrates the plants. It removes the water from the foliage and causes them to wilt and of course sometimes causes the severe damage," said Bill Welch, Ph.D.,a Landscape Horticulturalist with the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service.

Some tropicals and palms are at particular risk needing cover as perennials like periwinkles will start to die off in the cold.

"You are probably going to lose some plants at this time of year... We have a number of citrus that can grow here and really not us, we normally don't have to worry about giving them winter protection unless we get extremely cold," said Welch.

At The Home Depot in College Station Plumbing Department Head Kenneth Voss says customers are getting ready.

"Faucet covers, pipe covering, along that, coming in getting ready for that. Last minute item for the water hoses," said Voss.

Esther and Kenneth Goessler of Brenham got prepared Monday.

"I've got some cloth to keep it from freezing. I've got some Christmas cactus and also I've got some lemon trees. I've got 30 or 40 lemons just getting ripe, said Kenneth Goessler.

"Just prepare yourselves people because it's going to get a little bit colder from now on," said Esther Goessler.

"Protect your animals," said Kenneth Goessler.

This light freeze is expected up to two hours in town Wednesday morning so bundle up for work and school.