Police: 911 Operator Calls Man’s Boss to Convince Him to End 100 mph Chase

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HOUSTON – A man who led police on an hour-long, high-speed chase from Willis to southeast Houston finally surrendered after a 911 operator placed a call to his boss, according to authorities.

The chase, which started in Willis and covered at least 70 miles, ended on the South Belt near Cullen.

Police said Lionel Rodriguez, who was speeding over 100 miles per hour in a pickup truck with police in tow, called 911 and told dispatchers that he wanted police to kill him. Those dispatchers, however, stayed on the phone with him in an effort to try and get him to surrender. They even called Rodriguez’s boss for a three-way conversation, who convinced him that enough was enough.

Rodriguez agreed to surrender under one condition; he did not want to go to the Harris County Jail and would rather be held in Montgomery County.

He was transported to Montgomery County because he already had warrants for forgery there. He is also wanted in Dallas.