Police: Crimes can happen any place, any time

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The Sexual Assault Resource Center, Texas A&M University Police Department and Brazos County Sheriff's Office are hosting a free safety awareness and self-defense workshop Sunday.

The women who attended the class today learned that it doesn't matter how old you are, or if you're tall or short…You can defend yourself against any attacker, as long as you know the right techniques.

“I live by myself, I don't have a roommate and I just want to know how to protect myself. Even though I’m 5'8" and I'm fairly tall, there are still lots of guys out there that are bigger than me,” said Sarah Over, a graduate student at Texas A&M.

The event will be held at the Texas A&M University Police Department, but women of all ages from across Brazos County attended the course for a similar reason.
“I mean I walk my dogs at night. He's kind of scary looking, but I always thought what if…” said Sarah Kotick.

What if someone attacks you while you’re alone and tries to sexually assault you?

Police say no matter how safe you think your neighborhood or city is, it’s always important to be ready to protect yourself.

“Things can happen any place any time. So it's a matter of being prepared and having the tools in your belt to protect yourself,” said Kristi Hose, Texas A&M University Police Crime Prevention Officer.

Law enforcement officers taught women self-defense techniques then let the women practice those skills on a fake attacker. That way the women got to see first-hand how much strength they really have when their adrenaline is rushing.

The agencies hosted the workshop in an ongoing effort to keep safety and awareness on the minds of members of our community.