Police Find Mauled Dog Believed To Be Victim Of Dog Fighting

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Navasota police are looking into a dog fighting case after they found a severely injured pit bull.

Investigators say they found the dog last week. They're looking into whether or not the K-9's injuries point to it being a bait dog.

Bentham is 2 years old.

"These scars are obviously teeth marks,” said Gwendolyn Inocencio with Aggieland Animal Health Center in College Station.

His fresh and old wounds are the only things that tell his story.

"There are some puncture wounds and some lacerations,” said Inocencio. "A dog has chewed his face up. These are dog bite wounds. He has definitely been in a dog fight."

After a week of care with the help of Inocencio and the Aggieland Animal Health Center, Bentham is doing much better. He's been there since last Monday, days after he was found by Navasota Police.

No one knows for sure if Bentham was involved in dog fighting because there were no witnesses’ police know of, but researchers in dog fighting say the scars say enough.

"We know that dog fighting is happening in Brazos Valley, in such an animal loving community. It is absolutely unacceptable,” said April Plemmons, a sociologist and professor at Sam Houston State University.

According to police and experts, there's only one solution.

"The problem is a lot of people know of a neighbor who is breeding for dog fights, or a friend who attends dog fights, but if no one is speaking up, this continues to happen and we continue to have dogs that are suffering,” said Plemmons.

The clinic is looking for a foster home for Bentham. Even though he's been cared for less than a week he's already received well wishes and financial donations from across the world.