Police Looking For Motive in Caldwell Murder

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Caldwell Police say they are still looking for a motive in the murder of a Caldwell man.

Investigators say Bennie King, 63, of Caldwell was found dead inside his home last Friday afternoon by someone who lived with him.

"I just couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe that anyone would do anything to a man like that,” said James Williams who lives across the street from the house where police say Bennie King was found dead last Friday afternoon.

"He didn't bother anybody, and he was good as gold,” said Williams.

Investigators say they got an emergency call from a woman living with King who came home to find him lying on the floor. Police say she called 9-1-1 saying King was diabetic and needed medical attention.

"Once we got inside, you could obviously see that there were more wounds to Mr. King than just a fall, and some kind of medical issue,” said Chief Thomas Norsworthy with the Caldwell Police Department.

Nortorris LaMonte Deere, 37, from Caldwell was questioned later that night by police and later charged with murder.

Preliminary autopsy results show King was died from blunt force trauma to his head. Police say they don't know the relationship between the victim and suspect, and they don't know the motive for the murder.

"Still unknown on a motive on this case right now. Still working toward that, still working on evidence in the case, and still working on witnesses that have any indication in what took place,” said Norsworthy. "You never hear in our small community like this, being close knit, everyone is together. It's an unfortunate thing that happened and takes everyone by shock."

"He is going to be missed. I guarantee you. He is going to be missed,” said Williams.

Deere is in jail on a $500,000 bond. Investigators say there could be more suspects and anyone with information is asked to call Caldwell Police at (979) 567-4455.