Police Say Holik Drive Shooting was Drug-Related

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Police say a deadly shooting on Holik Drive in College Station Monday was drug-related.

Robert Farr and Christopher Reeves, both 28-years-old, went to a house on the 1400 block of Holik Drive to buy a pound of marijuana from a man named Robert Reese, according to probable cause documents.

“They had set up a plan that they were going to buy the marijuana from the residence of that home, but they went to that residence with no money fully intending to leave with the marijuana without paying for it. Thus committing a robbery,” said College Station Public Information Officer Rhonda Seaton.

Police say Christopher Reeves went into the house alone.

“Reeves went in there and exhibited some type of force. Even though Farr didn't go into the house, he was an accomplice,” said Seaton. Farr has been charged with attempted robbery.

Investigators say Reeves ran out of the house with a gunshot wound to the back. Reeves was pronounced dead at the College Station Medical Center.

However, the man who shot Reeves hasn't been arrested or charged yet.

The alleged shooter, Robert Reese, told News 3 he had no comment when questioned about the incident.

“People who are dealing drugs still have a right to defend themselves against unlawful use of deadly force. They won't be nearly as sympathetic to a jury, but they still have that right, particularly if you're in your home,” said News 3 Legal Analyst and defense attorney Shane Phelps.

Phelps says when it comes to self-defense laws in Texas, there's a difference between using force and deadly force. He says you only have the right to use deadly force, like shooting someone, if they use illegal deadly force against you. That's why investigators will have to find out what events led up to the shooting.

“It will be up to the District Attorney’s Office to determine whether or not he feels the shooting was justified…and that would be something that would keep them from being charged with murder,” said Seaton.

Police or the District Attorney's office could at some point charge the shooter in this case, but it may be much tougher to get a conviction.