Police Say Man Broke Into Ex-Girlfriend’s House

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COLLEGE STATION – Police arrest a man who they say broke into his ex-girlfriend’s house.

Officers responded to 3300 Lodgepole Circle around 8:00 p.m. Sunday for a burglary in progress. A neighbor saw a white male break the back window of a home and climb inside.

When police arrived, the alarm was going off. They saw the suspect peek out the blinds. The suspect then climbed out the back window and ran. He hopped over several fences but was caught a few houses away.

Police say the suspect, Jeremy Paul Cupples, 28 of Bryan, used to date the girl who lives there. They broke up and Cupples moved out three weeks ago. Cupples told police he had come over to get some things he left when he moved out.

Cupples is charged with evading arrest and criminal trespass.