Police Address Investigation Into Caldwell 1-Year-Old's Drowning

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Caldwell police are telling us what parents of a 1-year-old boy say happened moments before their son drowned inside a motel bathtub.

First responders on scene say the mother and father were both at the motel, where they have been living for 5 years. Investigators say the child's father called 9-1-1 Saturday afternoon after he found his son in the bathtub.

The little boy was found dead inside a bathtub in a room at the Caldwell Motel. His 2-year-old brother was taken by Child Protective Services.

“CPS was called out because there were signs of child neglect,” said Captain Charles Darling with the Caldwell Police Department.

The signs include deplorable conditions inside the motel room which the two boys called home.

Captain Darling spoke with the father who explained what happened right before the toddler was found.

"They had just laid their kiddos down for an afternoon nap. He said they had woke up and called out the youngest one and didn't hear him, and he heard water running and went to the bathroom and found the child lying face down in the water,” said Darling.

Investigators say the boy's body was taken to Austin Monday for an autopsy to see if there are any signs of abuse.

"I have never seen the test that they are running, but like I say, we need to get to the bottom of this and we need to find out what truly happened if anything,” said Darling.

No criminal charges have been filed. The autopsy results are expected to come back by the end of the week.

CPS says the 2-year-old boy will remain in foster care until the investigation is complete.