Police Warn Public of Possible Scam

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During the evening hours of Friday July 11, 2014 officers with several local agencies responded to reports from citizens regarding activity that was suspicious in nature and possibly criminal in intent.

Several citizens reported they were in a parking lot or driving along local roadways when they were flagged down by another vehicle, described as a 4 door Chevrolet pickup. The occupants of that vehicle, described as a slender Hispanic female and a heavier set Hispanic female, indicated to the citizens that they observed a problem with their car. When the citizen would pull over to examine their vehicle, the females would approach them indicating that they were mechanics and would begin to “work” on the vehicle. Upon completion of the “work”, the females would present a bill to the citizen for the “work” that was completed.

Several of the citizens reported they felt pressured to provide payment and felt that they had been scammed out of their money. They believed there had never been anything wrong with their vehicle in the first place and the females in the Chevrolet did not provide any service meriting the payment rendered.

Citizens are advised if similar circumstances take place that they should contact a reputable mechanic they are familiar with and trust to evaluate their vehicle as to whether repairs are actually necessary. Citizens are further advised if they are in a situation and are feeling pressured or intimidated to provide payment they should contact local law enforcement. Anyone with information regarding this particular situation or contact with persons involved is asked to contact their local law enforcement agency to report such activity.