Political Action Group Circulates Petition to Change City Council Voting

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Residents in Bryan could soon vote for city council members who don't live in their district.

"Partners for a Better Bryan" is circulating a petition to change how residents vote for city council members.

Right now, all residents vote for one council member and the mayor, but The City of Bryan is broken up into five single member districts where residents vote for their own district representative.

Business owner Bobby Gutierrez says he wants everyone in town to vote for every position like we do for the mayor's race. "I think it will get us a better candidate that has to appeal to everybody in town. All the districts all the SMD's (Single Member Districts) not just the one district, and give the whole town a better representation." says Gutierrez.

A former council member Mike Southerland is opposed to the idea saying the single member district formula means Bryan wouldn't be represented fairly. Southerland says, "That means there is no particular part of town that has a representative and it also means that all the representatives can come from one part of town. There needs to be some consideration for older minority parts of town."

Gutierrez says they have collected several hundred signatures on the petition.

But, Bryan's city council still has to vote on the measure in order for it to be put on the November ballot.