Political Strategists Matalin, Carville Speak to A&M Graduating Seniors

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Two of the biggest names in political affairs addressed the soon to be Texas A&M graduates.

Republican Strategist and adviser Mary Matalin was the convocation speaker at Rudder Auditorium while her husband Democratic Strategist James Carville also addressed graduates.

She's served on some of the biggest campaigns in Republican politics including President Reagan, and both Bushes but now she has advice for Texas A&M December graduates.

Mary Matalin expects great things from these Aggies.

"You are all my children, you are all leaving home, this is the part where I crack up.You are all starting your own home. It's your day," she said.

Matalin also spoke on the state of affairs our nation faces.

"Your day is fraught with challenges. These are troubled times. Few generations are born to such tumultuous shifts and such uncertain future," she said.

Victoria Wagner is graduating Friday with a degree in biomedical science and has a job at a lab before pursuing her dream.

"I'm applying to medical school. The healthcare reform was a really big deal so I've been keeping tabs on that, especially as I go on to medical school," said Victoria Wagner.

Her dad, Keith Wagner of The Woodlands is excited for his daughter and has heard Matalin speak before.

"Nice part about Mary is not only can she give you the inside scoop as to what's happening. She also has a global view," he said.

Mary Matalin's husband and political opposite, Democratic Strategist James Carville, is an LSU grad.

"We've been in the SEC since 1933 and you've been in it since 2012 and we beat you at home and you go to a better bowl game than we do. That's not fair! See ya in Baton Rouge!," joked Carville as he donned an LSU hat.

"You are the 21st Century champions of freedom," said Mary Matalin.

An evening of insight from two people in the headlines and airwaves.

More than 3,700 Aggies are graduating this fall.

Graduation ceremonies are Friday and Saturday in Reed Arena.