Portions of Burleson County Flooded After Days of Rain

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Parts of Burleson County got more than six inches of rain in the past 24 hours.

News 3 did our best not to float away and discovered why Snook ISD and other businesses closed early Wednesday, while others welcomed the weather.

It's a deluge and what you could call a gully washer around these parts, as rain has continued to fall in Burleson County this week turning parts of Snook and the area into a water world.

"We've been very lucky," said Liz Shupak who has lived on the family farm near the Frenstat community nearly her whole life.

Her rain gauge has filled and overflowed to more than four and a half inches since Tuesday.

"I think everybody's smiling. They should be at least," she added.

The last time we spoke with her was at a pray for rain service at the Courthouse in Caldwell in April 2011.

"Oh it's just a beautiful rain. I tell you it's a great gift from God. Everybody needed it," said Shupak.

Burleson County residents are celebrating this welcome weather. Just two year's ago Liz Shupak's stock tank was completely dry.

"It is a very good answered prayer," she said.

Down the highway in Snook Samantha Harris was making plans to pick up her seven kids early from the Snook Schools.

She's a waitress at Sodalak's Country Inn and thinks it's a little too much rain at once.

"My yard's flooded, my driveways flooded, so I mean I'm not a farmer. So I'm sure the farmers are happy about all the rain but me myself, not too thrilled about it," Harris said.

"Be a very good year I hope. Be a big year," said Liz Shupak.

A soggy start to 2013 with hopes for more soaking rains to come.