Power Being Restored In Madison County After Damaging Winds

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The lights are still out for several dozen Entergy Texas electricity customers in Madison County after severe winds knocked out power to hundreds of residents Christmas Day.

It turned into a Christmas Madisonville residents won't soon forget.

As of 10 P.M. Wednesday reports show about 30 customers are still without power.

But for hundreds of residents, they were without electricity for as long as a full day in Madisonville.

The Christmas Day storm toppled trees and downed power lines leaving a huge mess this holiday week.

The Christmas lights are burning bright once again at Lana Plunkett's house on Wehmeyer Lane in Madisonville after a Christmas Day windstorm.

News 3 returned to the house after stopping by Christmas Day when the power as well a giant tree were knocked out.

"It was just a huge bam and my husband said, 'Oh I thought that was a clap of thunder,' I said I don't think so. It was just too loud, it shook the house," she said.

The Plunketts had to relocate their Christmas family guests of 30 people after the storm, but things are back to normal now.

"Last night we stayed here. We just built a fire in the fireplace, closed the doors and slept in the family room. It worked out perfect. We were as snug as a bug," Lana Plunkett added.

Here power supplier Entergy Texas surprised them when the lights came back on Wednesday morning; a day earlier than expected.

The house had been dark about 26 hours.

"When I got home today I was shocked to see it back on. Happy, but surprised," said Lana Plunkett.

Just a few houses down Denise Drake is thankful a dead tree on their property missed their barn by a few feet.

"Really the major damage this was, this was it," Drake explained.

She'd lost power until Wednesday morning too and couldn't stay overnight in her own house because it was too cold.

"We'll just, this weekend we'll start trying to finish getting it down and then start picking it up and then rebuild the fence," Drake said.

"Really scary wind," Plunkett said.

While power has been restored too all Mid-South Synergy customers, we're told some of the remaining Entergy Texas customers may not have power fully restored until noon Saturday.