Process Starting to Reserve Seats at Kyle Field for 2015 Season

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The process to reserve seats for the 2015 Texas A&M football season at the newly renovated Kyle Field is starting.

The 2015 football season is still two years away, but it's time to reserve the seats at what will be an expanded and renovated Kyle Field

“The deadline is just impossible for anyone to make an informed decision under these circumstances,” said Craig Young, a former Texas A&M student.

Young is an endowed season ticket holder with seats in the 2nd deck. With Kyle Field's $450 million dollar makeover, the 12th Man Foundation announced a reseating plan.

In the plan, the 2nd deck, where Young has his seats, will be upgraded to club seats. He along with hundreds of other endowed members recently received a notice from the Foundation to either choose another seat or pay more money for the upgraded area.

The deadline to choose is July 31st.

Young feels that's not enough time. Skip Wagner, with the 12th Man Foundation, says it is.

“They’ve had weeks or months. We've been talking about it for a long time. We started surveying them back in February/March/April,” said Wagner.

By the end of August, anyone can get their shot at getting a seat in the newly renovated Kyle Field.

"You'll be able to start paying a license fee to know that you will be in a certain section within the stadium,” said Wagner.

How much money are we talking?

The cheapest price we found were 600 Level bench seats in what will be the South Zone, and 600 Level in the current North Zone for $25 as the initial gift and a $25 annual fee plus the price of the tickets.

The most expensive available to the public is in the West 500 Level Prime Suites at $500,000 as the initial gift plus $72,000 annually plus the price of the tickets. is where you can see the seating prices and start planning where you might sit for the 2015 football season.

Seating capacity is expected to be 102,500 for the 2015 season.