Producers Coop Says Protect Your Gardens During Cold Snap

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The Producers Coop Lawn and Garden Center in Bryan Monday afternoon got a head start on the unusually cold weather expected Monday and Tuesday nights.

Workers were busy moving sensitive plants in and under cover, while garden plants like tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers had already been moved inside.

Those may not do too well after a couple of nights in the 30s, and are not tolerant of frost and cold spring winds.

Producers Coop suggests you cover garden plants and new plantings of flowers.

And if it's too late for that, water your garden if it didn't get enough with this latest rainfall.

Producers Coop Lawn and Garden Manager Hope Moriarty says,
"Watering will help. You're just going to try to add any protection that you can and water is going to be your number one line of defense. You want to water everything really well. You want to make sure things are mulched, that things are covered."

Moriarty also says tropical plants on the patio may need to be moved inside.