Proposal Could Turn Old Bryan Ice House Into Microbrewery, Meeting Space

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BRYAN - News plans have surfaced for the Old Bryan Ice House in the historic downtown area and they include a microbrewery and restaurant.

News 3 saw the latest proposal from a local company.

"This is an area that we sort of looked at for the brew pub, microbrewery concept, the restaurant being here with the events and live music space here," explained Cassidy Barton a representative with AdventGX,

The company has big plans for a local Bryan landmark.

The historic Ice House on North Main Street Downtown could have some new life and new development in the coming years with some architectural renderings from The Arkitex Studio.

Advent GX is a private community economic development company that has submitted a request for proposal to the city for making the ice house something new.

"We'd really like to see something that all of the community could use and get behind and some of those components in our proposal look like a restaurant, meeting and event center that might accommodate a larger number of people than we currently have room for in downtown right now," said Barton.

It's too soon to say how much redevelopment might cost and the city is looking at several different proposals. So far none are a done deal just yet.

"It was under contract previously. That deal fell through so we are working with another group of buyers, investors. I feel pretty confident about this deal working and going through. It's still kind of early at this point I think they're still looking at feasibility and looking at due diligence," said Mayor Jason Bienski of Bryan.

Plans for the project would also include some research and development space making it place to work, meet and eat.

So far there's not a timeline for the city to sell or make arrangements for redevelopment but Mayor Jason Bienski tells us he wouldn't be surprised to see some changes in that area within the next six months.