Proposed Charter Amendment Issue Removed from Bryan City Council Agenda

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BRYAN- Bryan city council members removed a proposed charter amendment discussion from Tuesday night's agenda that could possibly change who can vote for certain council candidates in elections.

Mayor Jason Bienski announced at the meeting that " Partners for Better Bryan" wanted the item removed to gather the signatures needed to put the item on the November ballot.

The group is circulating a petition for an amendment allowing all Bryan residents to vote for all council positions. The group says it will get a better pool of candidates. Those against the proposed amendment say that way of voting is unfair and discriminatory to those living in Districts One and Two where the majority of minorities live. They believe the amendment singles out (SMD) Single Member District 1 representative Al Saenz and District 2 representative Rafael Pena.

The "Texas Civil Rights Project" out of Austin has threatened legal action if the council goes through with the proposed charter amendment. James Harrington, the director of the group, says the move would be a "de facto attempt to undo the progress made for Bryan through the Voting Rights Act."