Prosecutor of Ex-Death Row Inmate Faces Disbarment

Anthony Graves
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DALLAS (AP) - The prosecutor who tried a Texas death row inmate who was later exonerated faces a state bar hearing that could result in the loss of his law license.

Attorneys for the former inmate, Anthony Graves, said Monday that the State Bar of Texas had found "just cause" against Charles Sebesta, the former district attorney in Burleson County.

Graves was sent to death row for the 1992 slayings of six people.

A federal appeals court later reversed Graves' conviction after finding that prosecutors had withheld evidence and allowed two witnesses to give false testimony.

Graves was freed four years ago. He said Monday he wants to see Sebesta disbarred and prosecuted.

Sebesta says the State Bar had already investigated the matter and cleared him.

"This is the same Grievance that was filed and dismissed on August 16, 2007," said Sebesta. "For what the State Bar calls "No Just Cause" to proceed further with the allegation."

Sebesta said a full statement in regards to the case can be found on his website.