Protect Your Property: Document And Keep Serial Numbers

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The Bryan Police evidence room is filled with recovered stolen property that may never be returned to their owners.

That's because no one bothered to record the property's serial number.

During the holidays, crime tends to peak. It may be hard to protect your property, but the Bryan Police Department says writing down serial numbers on property can make a difference.

Police say a few minutes of preventative measures can save you thousands if you're hit by crime.

"Store it in your house keep a file for it and also in your house keep a file and email it to yourself," said Kelley McKethan.

Jose Hernandez is holiday shopping and knows how important it is to record those serial numbers.

"My boss they stole his tools and he went to check out the pawn shops and he had the serial numbers," said Hernandez.

And when Hernandez bought a PS3, he took note.

"It was so expensive for me to get it and I was like oh I'm gonna write this down because it was worth something," said Hernandez.

Keeping your Christmas gifts forever may be as simple as jotting down numbers like 1,2,3.