RECALL: Dry Pet Food Could Contain Salmonella Bacteria

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Pet owners might want to double check their dry pet food after certain varieties of Eukanuba and Iams were recalled because they may be contaminated with salmonella bacteria.

The brand is popular nation wide. The exact source of the salmonella is unknown.

Salmonella is a bacteria can cause an infection, salmonellosis, that can infect both people and pets. Pets can get infected from eating the food, while humans who handle the food may contract the bacteria.

Pets with salmonella may appear tired and/or have a fever, vomiting and bloody diarrhea. Some may show less obvious symptoms like decreased appetite, while other pets may be completely healthy but still able to spread the bacteria to other animals or people.

According to PetMD, in dogs, it may also cause miscarriage or spontaneous abortion. Persistent forms of salmonellosis in pets may result in loss of blood, non-intestinal infections and diarrhea that comes and goes with no logical explanation, which may last up to three or four weeks, or longer.

The bags affected have "Best By" dates that are within the first two weeks of November 2014.