Rain Follows Aggies to the Grove for a Second Year

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OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI The weather created quite a mess Saturday afternoon.

An unexpected thunderstorm moved across Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi Saturday, bringing back some bitter memories from the last time the Aggies came to the Grove on Ole Miss' campus. Rebels and Aggies alike ran for cover as the storm moved through.

The Grove on the Ole Miss campus serves as tailgate central and the copious amount of tents provided shelter from the rain. After about an hour, the rain passed. The party never stopped, though.

It rained the last time the Aggies played Ole Miss. Reinforcing the old Texas A&M saying that if Aggies do it once, it's a tradition. The rain, however, did not slow down the party.

"They have a stage right behind [here] and we just kinda hung out there for a while," said Hanah Georges, a Texas A&M student, Class of 2015. She said once the rain was over, she and her friends got back out and started making their way around the Grove.

According to the University of Mississippi, the average amount of waste collected in the Grove after a home football game is roughly 300-500 cubic yards or approximately 70 tons. It takes roughly 150 to 200 hours to clean up the Grove after each game.