Rain Pours Throughout Bryan-College Station

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Bryan-College Station has received almost five inches of rain this January. The rain is pouring down across the Twin cities.

"We need the rain, but I guess not like this said," Bobby Lewis.

The wet and cooler weather makes for somewhat uncomfortable conditions.

Bobby Lewis who lives in College Station has been waiting on the bus outside in the rain. He is commuting to get registration tags for his car.

"I hate to get a ticket and not have a way around, so I had to get out here in this rain and nastiness and take care of business said, " Bobby Lewis, College Station resident.

The wet roads can make for dangerous driving conditions.

"Some roads may be flooded and it's making people late into their jobs too," Julie Bradford.

The weather is also causing some to change their travel plans.

"I have family out of town. I was going to go visit them after work and now I'm not going to go because I don't want to crash or something. There's been just a lot of cops and accidents going said," Senque Garza.

"It's just water, it drys off," said Rusty Trahan.

Rusty Trahan from Iola isn't bothered by the rain.

"We needed rain out there. It's raining there also. All my grass is dead so I'm hoping to make my grass grow back said," Rusty Trahan.

Rain can represent a sign of new growth, but after two rainy days, some residents say it can also be somewhat of an inconvenience.