Rapid Growth In College Station Calls For Additional Power

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Growth in College Station is prompting city leaders to take a closer look at keeping up with progress.

They say with new high-rise apartments in the Northgate District and companies locating in The Research Valley Biocorridor, the demand for electricity will increase drastically.

Timothy Crabb is College Station's Electric Utility Director and for the past two years he's been working on designing an electric substation to power the future growth in the Northgate District and the Research Valley Biocorridor.

It'll be located next to Texas A&M’s power station off Agronomy Road which is the university's property.

"The best place to put it is where there is a parking lot, and of course we will be reimbursing them for that parking lot,” said Crabb.

Crabb says that amount is $300,000 which will come from the electricity rate CSU customers pay.

A big announcement was made this week on a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline partnering with the university on a facility that would rapidly develop new vaccines.

The growth is inevitable and so is the power demand which will be provided by both Bryan and College Station.

"BTU has areas that they are designated to serve and College Station Utilities has areas and we can't cross over and serve the other areas,” said Crabb.

Tomorrow the city council is scheduled to sign a lease with Texas A&M for the electric substation.
The substation should be up by the end of the year.