Rash of Vehicle Burglaries Reported in Rural Brazos County Areas

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BRAZOS COUNTY - Brazos County Sheriff's deputies think a rash of vehicle burglaries just outside Bryan may have been committed by the same person.

Deputies say eight vehicles were broken into last night along Fawn Lake and Meadowlark. A couple of weeks earlier, eleven vehicles were broken into in the Smetana area.

Investigators say the burglar or burglars stole things like sunglasses and jewelry, and in at least two cases, handguns.

Chief Deputy Jim Stewart helped shed some light on how they believe the crimes were committed:

"We're pretty sure it's sometime after midnight. Probably between midnight and 5 that the folks are out doing this. They'll come up to a car, they'll pull on the door knob, and if it opens up, they'll go in there and take things."

Stewart says try not to leave valuables in your vehicle, and always lock the doors. If you do leave anything of value in the car, try to place it out of sight.

If you know anything about these burglaries, you're asked to call the Brazos County Sheriff's Office.