Realtor Shares Frightening Account of Carjacking in Bryan

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BRYAN The victim of a carjacking is telling his story a day after he was attacked by two men.

David Whitener says the attack only lasted about five minutes, but the experience is something he will never forget.

"Fear, confusion, anger...but really, you don't have a lot of time to think about anything but I guess survival," said Whitener.

Whitener is a realtor, and he was supposed to meet an A/C inspector at a house on Oaklawn St. in Bryan Tuesday morning. Instead, Whitener tells News 3 two men attacked him while he was sitting in his car. A third man was in a getaway car across the street.

Whitener says his car doors were locked, but the windows were down.

"One guy pushed me out and dragged me down. Put me face down right here. Extended my arms and put the zip tie on me," said Whitener.

That's when Whitener says the men tried to put him in the trunk of his own car.

"They started pistol whipping me and the other guy started punching me, because he did not have a gun. So you know, I thought I better fight now or I may not have another opportunity," said Whitener.

The realtor says he was able to kick one of the men and break free. The suspects drove away in his car, and Whitener ran to get help.

"I heard the doorbell ring a bunch of times and the realtor was at the door all bloody and his face was all bleeding," said Sean Sanberg, a resident in the neighborhood.

Whitener was taken to a nearby hospital, but that was just the beginning of the suspects' crime spree.

Police say the men robbed the Commerce National Bank in Bryan, then ditched the car at a nearby apartment complex.

"I got no bullet holes, so I feel fortunate," said Whitener.

Whitener says he's confident the men who did this to him will be behind bars soon.

Bryan police are working with the FBI on this case.

Crime Stoppers of Houston is offering a $5,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest.