Red Cross Announces Urgent Need for Donations

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Representatives from the American Red Cross say there's an urgent need for donors.

The organization - that provides blood for St. Joseph Hospital and Scott & White - has announced they desperately need blood and platelet donations.

"Right now, we've kind of hit a wall. For some reason or other, the donors just aren't turning out like they used to," said Jessica Amaro, representative for the American Red Cross Heart of Texas Chapter.

Amaro says 20% of their donations come from college and high school students. It's normal for things to slow down during the summer, but not this much. In June, the American Red Cross received 50,000 fewer blood and platelet donations than expected.

"We've had some recent tragedies, as far as West, the Boston bombing, then we had the Oklahoma tornadoes hit a few weeks after that," explained Amaro. "So a lot of our regular donors really turned out for that and came out and donated. And you can only donate every 56 days."

That's why the Red Cross is looking for a new pool of donors to roll up their sleeves and give.

"A lot of people think, "Gosh, you know, it's just me. What difference can I make?" Well you can make a huge difference, because you can save up to three lives," said Amaro.

And the impact of a donation doesn't end there.

"Just taking those 60 minutes, you can be giving somebody many many years to spend with their families and with their friends," said Amaro.

If you would like to donate blood or platelets to the Red Cross, you can always call their hotline to make an appointment: (800) 733-2767.

There will also be a blood drive in Navasota at First United Methodist Church on Tuesday, August 13, from 12:30 to 5:30 PM.