Renowned Forensic Scientist to Speak at Blinn College

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Bryan, Tx- Ed Hueske’s ties to Blinn College extend back to 1939, when his mother and father were crowned Homecoming king and queen. But when the former Blinn student and professor returns to the College’s Brenham campus Friday, Nov. 15, it will be to recall far less pleasant memories.

Hueske will present “The Murder of Jennifer Wilson: The First Case Using DNA Evidence in Arizona” at 12:30 p.m. in the Student Center conference room. The free event is sponsored by the Blinn College Professional Association (BCPA) and is open to the public.

“That was one of the higher profile cases of my career,” Hueske said in a phone conversation from his office in Palestine, Texas. “It was the first case where DNA was used in a criminal trial in the state of Arizona back in 1988. I did all the crime scene work, led the crime scene investigation, handled all the laboratory analysis and testified at the trial.”

The case concerned the sexual assault and murder of a 9-year-old girl and the subsequent search for her body and killer.

Hueske now serves as owner and director of Forensic Training and Consulting, LLC, as well as the director of the University of North Texas Criminalistics Program.

In addition to working high-profile cases, Hueske’s 23-year law enforcement career included teaching national and international law enforcement agencies the intricacies of forensic science. He has taught classes to the FBI, Drug Enforcement Agency, Turkish National Police, Canadian Office of Special Investigations and the New York Police Department.

He is the author of “Practical Analysis and Reconstruction of Shooting Incidents” and “Fingerprints and Firearms,” and he has contributed to numerous forensic science textbooks.

In 1996, Hueske retired from law enforcement and founded Forensic Training and Consulting, LLC.

“I’m the last of a dying breed,” Hueske said. “I came up in an era of generalists, when you would cover every section of the laboratory. These days, it’s an era of specialists. My experience in all areas of forensics puts me in a unique position to consult in cases.”

Hueske’s family history in Washington County dates back to 1848, and he joined his mother, father, aunt and uncle as Blinn graduates.

“It’s always an enjoyable experience to return to campus,” he said.

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