Rep. Flores Talks Middle East Violence, Expiring Tax Cuts

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Congressman Bill Flores talked about violence against U.S. troops in the Middle East and the expiring tax cuts on Brazos Valley This Morning Wednesday.

When asked what he thought the biggest threat facing U.S. troops in Afghanistan today is, Flores said not fully establishing security in the region.

"I think there is some chance we could continue to see a spike in these types of attacks," Flores continued.

Flores said he, like most Americans, is tired of this conflict. He believes that the Obama administration, as well as the Bush administration, have mishandled the Afghanistan conflict.

See the entire interview with Congressman Flores in the video player.

In the last week, a soldier killed became the 2,000th casualty of the conflict in Afghanistan. Flores said that, instead of getting stronger, it seems like Afghanistan is getting weaker.

The Congressman also shared that a soldier from District 17 was killed in the last week in Afghanistan.

When asked about the looming fiscal cliff facing Congress, Flores said he's uncertain about whether the House and Senate could come together before the end of the year and resolve this issue.

Before the in-district work period, Flores said the House passed two tax bills to extend all current tax breaks for one year and an outline for what tax reform would look like for which it would be enacted.

"The House has done it's work, we're just not having much help on the other side of the Capitol," said Flores.

Flores also mentioned he's looking forward to the first Presidential debate Wednesday night in Denver.

"Romney has really got to try to reconnect himself with the American people," said Flores.