Rep. Flores Talks Unemployment Extension, Veteran Entrepreneurs Act

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BRYAN Congressman Bill Flores doesn't think the Unemployment Extension that passed in the Senate will pass the House in it's current form. He shared that point-of-view Thursday on Brazos Valley This Morning.

Flores said Congress should find other spending offsets in the federal budget to help pay for the unemployment extension, instead of adding to the deficit. He also added the bill needed reforms, like allowing the state to drug test those on unemployment and a decrease in benefits for those on unemployment for a long time.

Rep. Flores also talked about introducing the Veterans Entrepreneurs Act in December. Field hearings were held late last year in California and Waco, Texas. Flores said that after hearing from many experts in business and state agencies that said veterans needed some assistance getting back to work.

The Veterans Entrepreneurs Act was born out of the need to get more small business in the economy, said Flores.