Replica of Ancient Hebrew Tabernacle On Display In College Station

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History of the Bible is coming to life in College Station.

It's a life-sized display from Old Testament times and it's on display to the public for free.

Messiah's Mansion is a ministry based out of Oklahoma that travels the world bringing history from the Bible to life with life-sized replicas of the ancient temple, ark of the covenant and animal sacrifice altars Moses built while leading the Hebrew people through the desert from Egypt to Palestine.

"It is the first time here and we've been very pleased with the response had hundreds of people come through already. Nothing but good reactions so far and expect a lot more," said Pastor Travis Patterson with Three Angels Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

"So what we like to do is show them the footprints of Christ all the way through to the most holy place of the sanctuary. And of course why should we even show it to them because there are spiritual applications that they can gain from it as well and we like to show that as well," said Clayton Leinneweber with Messiah's Mansion.

Tours are happenings now through March 11th from 1 P.M. to 7 P.M. each day at Three Angels Seventh-Day Adventist Church located at 1350 Earl Rudder Freeway South in College Station.